lekker dinner, lekker evening

tonight was a beautiful summer evening. april and i have not had a chance to hang out since june (despite living together) so tonight we made it happen. and you can’t not grill on such a beautiful summer day. we made bison burgers (yea for ground bison being on sale!), sweet potato fries, grilled veggies and a huckleberry/raspberry/peach pie. add to that some tasty drinks and a fun movie and you’ve got yourself an all around lekker evening!

huckleberry/raspberry/peach pie. i picked everything but the peaches and of course i used my grandma's pie crust recipe.

bison meat is tasty and low-cholesterol!

crazy amount of condiments/toppings.

a lekker spritzer to go with it

april poses with her bison burger before attempting to actually take a bite

have i mentioned that i eat well in montana? not that i ate poorly other places, but i’m thoroughly enjoying having access to wild game and such. hoping to pick more huckleberries soon…