summer in montana

how is it already august?! summer is flying by. i am loving summer 2011 in montana. it’s been wonderful to hike, camp, fish and do some general exploring. i have not done much biking and hope to do more in the weeks to come. i have been rather busy lately, being gone every weekend of july. but it’s been all fun stuff. a glimpse at the past few weeks:

channing and derek came for a 6 day backpacking trip in glacier national park!

one of several river crossings; i really liked the river crossings.

channing was here over her birthday so i rented an old fire lookout on top of a mountain; we made hobo dinners. it was a blast!

sure, max, you can take up my entire mattress at the lookout tower.

went to my first rodeo a few weeks ago. i enjoyed it so much i went back the next night!

my first time huckleberry picking! we picked 4 gallons total. so tasty. hoping to pick more before the huckleberry season is over.

my first ever fishing pole! this is also the day that i got a hook stuck in my arm and randy had to use my knife to cut it out. awesome.

first time cleaning a fish (cut throat trout). the only part of the fishing process i haven't done is take the hook out and whack the fish on the head. cut me some slack, i'm new to this.

we have picked nearly 8 gallons of raspberries from our garden so far and it looks like the raspberry patch has barely been touched! i'm excited to make all things raspberry...

i look forward to tara visiting next week(end) and then going to illinois for a bit. i’ll be coaching soccer again this fall so my schedule will be quite busy. and rifle season opens october 22nd – time to sight my gun! looking forward to a few more weeks of summer and hopefully a mild fall.