half the distance, half the pain

randy and i ran the missoula half marathon today. it was a nice change from my quite painful full marathon in march. perhaps i’ll stick to halfs for now – 13.1 miles is a nice challenge but totally reasonable. if you haven’t done one go for it!

what to do if you bring frozen pizza as a road trip snack? defrost it on the dashboard, of course!

and not much follows pizza better than ice-cream. i was just fueling up for the race.

some people kayak montana rivers and some people...surf?!

nikki ran a 5K the night before our race - and she set a personal record!

nothing quite like getting up at 4:15 am to run 13.1 miles. the race started at 6 am. ouch.

nikki cheered us on and took pics!

enjoyed the run but still happy to be done

one of the best parts of running (for me) is eating! randy's stuffed french toast was tasty.