getting pulled over

that’s right, i got pulled over for the first time since moving here. it was on a backcountry road in the mountains and i have never seen a police there before. i was going down the mountain, so it’s easy to pick up speed and i wasn’t even sure what the speed limit was. the scenario went something like this:

police officer comes up to my car: “do you know why i pulled you over?”

me: “actually, officer, i’m not sure.”

police officer: “well, you were speeding. i clocked you at going 57 mph. do you have a license and insurance?

me: “yes i do.” give him my license and insurance.

police officer “i’ll be right back.” he goes back to his car to do his thing while i pray and hope for only a warning. he comes back to my car and says “20 is a lot over the speed limit; it’s 35 mph on this road.” (ridiculous)

me: “i am not trying to argue, sir, but where is the speed limit posted?” (i hadn’t seen any signs for miles)

police officer: “well, i don’t know. but it’s 35 mph. i’m only going to give you a warning tonight.”

me: “thank you, officer. i’ll take better note of the speed limit next time now that i know what it is.”

police officer: “have a good night.”

yea for only a warning! he better not give me a ticket when he can’t even say where the sign is posted. oh montana, i like you 🙂