good eats

i eat well here in montana. buying local meat is easy to do year round and now that the weather is warming up our CSA has started! what is a CSA, you ask: community supported agriculture. i had never heard of such a thing until moving here but apparently it happens all around the country. a few friends and i have already payed for our produce this summer. we get a bushel of organic, local and in-season produce each week. the past two weeks it has been mostly greens, but soon there will be squash, tomatoes, etc. here is the blog for the organic farm we get our CSA from.

eating well is helped by having friends who enjoy to hunt, fish and home brew. i am just beginning my hunting and fishing adventures. living in such a small town has made me more conscious about buying local foods. i spent the afternoon fixing up the raspberry patch, mowing and general garden maintenance. i can’t wait for raspberry season!

i love to share meals with family and friends, so come on over!

trout stuffed with homemade sauce on a bed of black beans and rice (i didn't make it) and a lekker salad made with CSA greens!

an individual pizza made with CSA greens and enjoyed with a glass of home brew!

discovered a rhubarb plant in our garden - suhweeeet!