26.2 through napa

more pics from our weekend in napa valley:

all proper vacations begin with a cup of starbucks at the airport

pre-marathon fun

strolling around downtown napa

essential stop: trader joe's! there is no trader joe's in all of montana (no surprise)

carb loading and de-caff coffee

then we ran 26.2 miles.

5 AM and raining. special.

if we look tired before even starting the marathon it's because we had to get up at 4 AM. but totally worth it.

and still looking tired 26.2 miles later.

and then we celebrated.

the marathon started in calistoga and finished in downtown napa area. we went back to calistoga for a post race dinner

day after race vineyard exploration!

michelle enjoying the vineyards

the marathon was run on essentialy one road: the silverado trail.

trying to be as touristy as possible

and as silly as possible