an attempt to sleep outside

as february comes to a close, i am not going to make my goal of sleeping outside one night a month 😦 i had plans to sleep in a tent last night, but i’ve been sick for the past few days and have 26.2 miles to run next weekend so it didn’t make a whole lot of sense to risk not getting better. but a bunch of us still hung out and a few even slept in the “tent” – a canvas wall tent with a wood stove. so it wouldn’t have been roughing it too bad. perhaps i’ll sleep outside twice in march to make up for it.

heading out to the tent down by the creek

the "tent"

what's a camp out without multiple dogs?

tired puppy

max was tired too. but he's not made for cold weather so he had to get all bundled up.

staying warm while waiting for dinner

helping keep maximus warm

nothing like a lekker dinner cooked on a wood stove

followed by caramel hot chocolate with marshmallows, in a mug with a bear on the bottom!

i may not have stayed to sleep in the tent, but it was still a great evening with friends. another great friday night in montana…