soba noodles and rainbow carrots

i’ve been wanting to make soba noodles for a few weeks now and today i finally made it happen. the pioneer woman once again provided the basics for a soy/sesame oil sauce for soba noodles. add some creativity, spices, fresh veggies and chicken and you’ve got yourself a meal. and who knew rainbow carrots existed?! not me. how could i pass up organic rainbow carrots at the grocery store?

love fresh veggies. the different colored carrots had different flavors, sweeter than a typical carrot. and they added fun colors to the meal.

i was surprised to find a yellow center in the purple carrot.

proof that i was there, cooking away with some nickle creek in the background

everything is ready to go. so satisfying.

might not look appetizing, but it turned out well. and soba noodles are actually quite healthy - a decent amount of sodium but high in fiber and low in cholesterol!

and i still kinda weird myself out when i post pictures of food, but cooking is a hobby for me, i like pictures and therefore it’s fun to document.