additional roommate & a montana dinner

can’t say i ever really thought it would happen, but one of my friends up and moved to montana! april and i originally met at wheaton, but we got to know each other better when we lead several wilderness trips together the summer after college. we both love to camp, hike, canoe and be outdoors in general. so now our guest bedroom is permanently filled, but we still welcome visitors!

april and i (and ryan) lead a canoe trip in the boundary waters. april is 2nd from the left in the back row. was a lekker trip.

haley and i cooked april venison and more on friday night – welcome to montana, april!

with no lighter fluid i was struggling to get the grill going. so why not start a small kindling fire on top of the charcoal?

the backstrap of the deer our friend shot. mmmm.

i could use a few grilling tips from my dad, but overall i enjoy to grill.