celebrating more than just a birth

this december i have been reading “the handel’s messiah: family advent reader.” i really appreciate the history and perspective that the book represents. the following excerpt has stayed in my mind:

Not only did extremes meet at Bethlehem, but they met at Calvary on the day that Jesus died. Here is what happened to the One who could have called ten thousand angels to His side. He was despised. He was beaten. He was spit on. He was crucified. But that day also, a treasure was secured for us. Our Lord and King experienced our grief. He carried our sorrows. He was wounded for our sin. ‘The punishment that brought us peace was put on Him.

Jesus was born in a shelter for animals. He was hated by many during His lifetime. He died a criminal’s death. Jesus lived from cave to cross – for us.

the author signed my book with these words: “Waiting for the final advent.” not only did the Lord send His only Son to be born as a child on this earth, but He lived, He died, He conquered death and He is coming back.

peace and joy to you.