my grandma made amazing pies. she was an all around great cook, really. my baking fetish has never resulted in a pie. in other words: i have never made a pie. i made a goal for this thanksgiving to make a pumpkin pie from scratch. i wanted to use my grandma’s pie crust recipe and to use a real pumpkin.

rolling out the pie crust was an interesting process, a process in which i could use a lot of improvement. baking and then pureeing the pumpkin was also an interesting process. i got the pumpkin from a friend’s garden, the same friend who shot the turkey we will be eating tomorrow! the joys of buying/eating local. tomorrow will be the test of whether or not the pies are lekker…or not so lekker.

time to roast in the oven, mr. pumpkin

and now it's time to puree you

yea, about that rolling out part. i had some issues with that.

finally in the pan

well, these crusts will have to do. if anyone reads this and has a good cherry pie recipe to share (before thanksgiving morning!), recipes welcomed!

and of course HAPPY THANKSGIVING! unfortunately i will not be able to be with family this weekend – i will be working and spending time with montana friends. but, i have much to be thankful for.