winter work

living in a house with a wood burning stove requires some work during the winter months. it is in the teens today (degrees) and the high for monday is one degree – one! spent some time this morning splitting kindling and stacking wood; we had a house work morning. i couldn’t convince anyone to go snowshoeing in canada with me – who’s in next time?

winter wonderland right in my backyard.

view of the house from the pole barn window

the result of my roommate and i's work this morning: stacked wood in the garage and a lot of kindling.

max loves running around in the snow, followed by warming up by the stove

the cold weather and icy roads forced me to join the small, local gym. i hate treadmills, but running on the roads is treacherous even with yak traks. this is the view out the gym window: mountains and a horse pasture. i saw the reflection of a horse in the gym mirror while running on the treadmill. only in montana...