cookie jar

i’ve always thought having a cookie jar would be fun. i keep my eye out for the “perfect” cookie jar when i’m shopping. some day i’ll find one. until then, it’s my grandma’s tin and my roommate’s jar. and of course it has to be homemade cookies in the cookie jar, which of course means baking! it’s a rainy day and the forecast predicts a rainy weekend. i may just end up cooking, baking, eating and watching movies 🙂

i am slowly getting over my diversion to baking cookies. today's new recipe: chocolate cinnamon shortbread cookies.

in other news, we have caught 3 mice so far: one each day since wednesday. i don’t like dealing with dead mice, but i am glad to be getting rid of them. we are going to visit the animal shelter and consider getting a cat. did i just say that?! i am not a cat person. or a mouse person.