ocean view

greetings from sunny california! i am posting from a barnes and noble in santa monica. mary works today so i’m just hanging out in the area – not too difficult of a task. i started out the morning with a nice, long run along the beach after which i took my shoes and socks off and let the waves crash over my feet. i sat on the sand, stretching my muscles and gazing in to the water. and then it occured to me how foolish this was: why was i only looking at the water?! why not go for a post run swim?! and that’s just what i did, clothes and all. it was great. and then i came to starbucks to buy some coffee and change clothes; i honestly think the clerk thought i was a homeless person when i asked where the bathroom was. i did look kind of funny with wet hair and wet clothes and a plastic bag with other clothes. oh well. now i have coffee and i can see the ocean. and soon i’m meeting mary for lunch. it’s been a good day already…

the palm tree in the background is proof that i'm in a "tropical" location - in case you need proof