one of haley and my’s friends shot a deer tonight (with a bow)! and now it is hanging in our pole barn to dry out. it’s not every night someone shows up to your house at 21:00 wanting to hang a recently killed deer on your property. then again, this is montana.

warning: these pictures are bloody.

helping hang the deer

max wanted to know what was going on in the pole barn, too!

cutting out two pieces of meat that would dry out if not taken out right away

and that is why i didn't offer to help cut anything

haley is grossed out by the flesh...i mean meat.

we weren't quite sure what to think.

i had applied for my own hunting license last week, but i was denied because i have not taken a hunter’s safety course. bummer. i thought it could have been cool to get a deer (it’s legal to borrow guns in montana). perhaps my friend will share some of his venison…