mom visits for the weekend

max warms up with the school soccer team

my mom came to visit this past weekend! we had a great time hanging out and enjoying montana in the fall. somehow we didn’t take any pictures together – only pictures of the montana landscape or max. silly us.

enjoying a walk along lake koocanusa

the lakeshore has some interesting erosion (?) going on. mom and i especially liked these "rock walls"

the street that leads to my house

classic montana fence post

after dropping my mom off at the airport, i decided to head 19 miles out of the way and head to glacier national park. i was wanting to go on a run and why not run in a national park if you’re that close? as i was approaching the park entrance i was thinking that i had never run in glacier alone and i didn’t have bear spray with me. i asked the park ranger if it was wise to run along the road alone. his response was, “well, the thing with running is, it excites the animals. i had a friend running along on park roads some years ago and he got chased by a g-bear.” his answer both startled me and made me chuckle. it startled me because i was hoping that he would say the roads are mostly safe; it made me chuckle because he called a grizzly bear a g-bear 🙂 he suggested that i run on the road through the campground so people would be nearby. i did, but there was no one camping! about a mile in to it i spooked myself out and went back to the car. i wasn’t really up for the possibility of a grizzly encounter, alone. so i just took some pictures…

lake macdonald shoreline

i love fall colors and leaves on the ground

and how could i resist taking a picture of these cows and the beautiful blue sky? an everyday site here in montana.