camping at big creek

i wanted to camp at least once more before winter came and last night some friends and i made it happen. it was a very relaxing time. we camped along a local creek. can’t go wrong roasting brats over the fire and chatting until 2:45 AM! we were up again by 9 AM, making a fire to heat the water for coffee. i forgot a toothbrush and headlamp, but managed to remember coffee grinds and my french press. priorities. six people, four dogs, a campfire, beautiful night sky and the sound of the creek: lekker. i was reminded of one of my favorite aspects of camping: waking up in a tent and crawling out (with some legit bed-head) to make a crackling fire for morning coffee. life is good.

the 12 person tent we slept in. we called it our taj mahal.

haley strumming at the guitar

music around the fire. so relaxing.

good morning! max was exhausted after playing with other dogs until nearly 3 am.

going for a short morning hike

big creek falls (w/ coffee in hand, of course)

i was one happy camper.

baxter has proven to be a good for car camping

maybe the weather will stay nice for a bit and we’ll get in a few more nights under the stars. i hope so.