trying to be like starbucks

my friend channing had a most interesting (and exciting) idea: try to put cream cheese frosting in a pumpkin muffin…sort of like starbucks does. sounded like a fun baking experiment. i’m sure there’s a recipe for such a thing, but half the fun of cooking for me is creating things in the kitchen. not everything in life needs to be googled.

they turned out alright – not especially appealing to the eye, but they sure are sweet. thanks for the idea, channing! wish you were here to share them with me.

after cooking the batter for a bit, i squeezed frosting in to each muffin.

if i had to name them, i think i'd call them "cream cheese infusion (pumpkin) muffins." or something like that.

what's a muffin without coffee?! (yes, i have started putting milk in my coffee. sigh.)

i know it’s kind of weird to take pictures of things you make. you’d take pictures of random things if you lived here, too. maybe.