the blaze king

the blaze king (the name of our wood burning stove) has been lit! the house thermometer read 57 degrees and it felt like it. so we decided to make the first fire of the season. i love hearing the fire crackle. word on the street is that it’s going to be a cold winter with a lot of snow; awesome. my first winter in a house with a wood burning stove and it might be a burly one. hopefully that cold weather is still weeks away…

first fire in the blaze king

the blaze king himself

the fan on the left is a way to measure how hot the fire is. the faster the fan is moving, the warmer the fire. the rocks were a gift from a friend who has experience with a wood burning stove. they recommended heating them up and then putting them in bed at night. i'll post if i ever do it (sleep with rocks, that is).

haley and max enjoy the fire

adding wood

max has already learned that the best place to lay is right in front of the stove.

isn't the blaze king a beautiful thing?