the people we are renting the house from were in to gardening and we reaped the benefits of moving in to a mostly planted garden! there are rows and rows of garlic; we are trying to get it all out of the ground before it rots. it should last us months – there is SO much garlic! and it’s tasty. the raspberries are done, so now we’re down to garlic and tomatoes. we’re hoping to plant a fall spinach crop in the greenhouse. i wish i had more time to fool around in the garden; it’s fun to get dirty and have tasty produce as a result! anyone want some garlic?!

this is all that i harvest today and is not even half of it!

monster garlic

any great garlic recipes to share?

a friend took a few pictures around my backyard and compiled them into this

and she captured our clothes line

september has been very rainy thus far; hopefully some true fall weather is coming soon.