lost in the woods

not me – max. i got a phone call about three hours in to my vacation that max had escaped from the kennel. maybe he thought he was going back to the animal shelter because he hadn’t even been there an hour before he peaced out. the short version of this story is: lots of phone calls to friends back in montana so they could look for him; a few people saw max, but he would come to no one. when my family got to eureka 4 days after he had run away, we spent hours searching for him in the woods where he was last seen. nothing. we went back to my home at 10 pm, discouraged and wondering what to do since we were supposed to leave for canada the next morning. then my roommate called me to say she was on her way home and found max! he was just 4 miles from our new house – had had started coming home! i was so happy, and surprised, because i had only been living in this house three days and some how he figured out how to find his way back! it certainly added a twist to the beginning of our vacation. i’m happy he’s back 🙂

a sign someone put up near where max ran away

the search continues...

and he's back! not sure why i'm frowning

i wish he could tell me everything he did in the woods; i wonder what was going through his mind. he had definitely lost some weight and was thrilled when i gave him an extra portion of dog food.