work trip to GNP

had an overall great 9 days in glacier national park with work. we spent four days doing trail work (which is hard!) followed by a few days of hiking. i was fortunate enough to go on two really neat hikes with students. i smelled lovely by the end of the trip πŸ™‚ there is so much natural beauty here in montana. and i was reminded that I LOVE CAMPING!

we began our trail work by moving debris off the trail. then we built a turn pike - a 24 foot bridge of sorts across a part of the trail that had a lot of water drainage. hard work, but satisfying.

the turnpike our group made. moving 24 foot logs was truly a group initiative!

rainbow after a rainy afternoon

beginning our first day hike...

the view from the top! there was no trail up this mountain so we just bushwhacked. it was a rather gnarly hike and i was happy when it was done.

if the top of a mountain isn't a good time to eat a snickers, i don't know when is!

and going back down.

one of MANY beautiful views on our second day hike. this was a 19 mile loop full of beautiful peaks, lakes, ridges, goats, sheep and more.

co-worker fight

the glacial silt makes the lakes a beautiful blue

we hit a snow patch!

hiking toward old man lake - one of several lakes we passed on the hike

cold water on tired feet mid-hike = lekker

lots of pictures, and believe it or not, i had to refrain from posting more. i look forward to exploring more of glacier national park when my family visits next month!