has been a full few weeks at work and is about to get busier. i leave tomorrow morning for a 9 day work trip to glacier national park. we will being doing trail work for the first half and hiking the second half. between all the staff, students and parents that are coming, there will be 65 of us camping together! wow. that’s a big group camp site. i’m curious to see how it all works out. i’m mostly looking forward to the trip (it’s camping and in glacier, not too bad!), but i’m also rather tired and the trip hasn’t even started. yesterday was a frazzled day at work, which brings me to the title of this post. at one point in the morning i vaguely remember picking up a pen and writing something on my hand that i didn’t want to forget. about 5pm i looked down to see that my hand read, “CARRIE.” apparently i didn’t want to forget my name! my mind was clearly scattered. it was only until a few hours later that i remembered that i need to take my CAR in. sheesh. at least i didn’t pour my coffee into an upside down coffee mug again.

to the backcountry i go. yay camping!