missoula marathon

well, today was the missoula marathon. and though i still love running, i am glad that it’s over. the first 15 miles of the course were really pretty – mountain views, rushing river, farms and woods. lekker. i didn’t make my time goal so i guess i’ll be doing another marathon to give it try number 3!

max joins me at the race expo to pick up my race packet. haley also joined me for the weekend, which was great! she was a wonderful support (she took all these pics).

the little cabin where haley, max and i stayed

we drove to the start of the race the night before so we would know where we were going at 5 AM. the race started at 6 AM, which meant getting up at 4:15 AM. ouch. yes, the starting line was in the middle of nowhere. this is montana.

we got some pre-race ice cream the night before and the place gives out doggie cones - so max had his first legit ice cream cone! he loved it.

5:30 AM and at the start. wahoooo!

this symbol is what marked the course along the way

haley even made a sign for max's collar!

mile 11 and smiling. the smile didn't last much longer.