kintla lake

had a great weekend with fabulous weather. a small group of us camped on kintla lake in glacier national park. it is a beautiful and pristine lake in the middle of nowhere (3.5 hour drive, half on dirt roads). we did a few day hikes and enoyed lekker food due to the endless possibilities when car camping! it would have been great to have a canoe and do some paddling; maybe next time 🙂 max did really well and i think he enjoyed himself. we even let him sleep in the tent! i’m excited for more camping in montana…

the weekend gang at lake kintla

setting out on a day hike around the lake (the lake is a lot bigger than what you can see in the picture)

max's first time in a tent (with me as his owner)

max all curled up and half asleep in the tent

chilling around the fire

what's a camping trip without a s'more?!

our second day hike went through a meadow w/ views of beautiful peaks

we passed through a VERY small town on the drive, and this mercantile had some of the best baked goods i have ever had. so yummy and fresh. and of course made me think of owning a bakery some day...

i took even more pics, but this post is already becoming a picture album, so i’ll leave you with this. yay for summer being here!