exploring big creek area

haley and i went on a short hike to a beautiful waterfall and did some exploring around a nearby river. we found several campsites and trails that we hope to try out. it ended up raining, so we came back and made turkey chili. max did quite a bit of exploring as well, and has been snoring on the couch since we got home. silly dog

me and max in front of the waterfall

max didn't quite understand the whole sitting next to me thing, hence he is behind the tree branches


a rather large tree that had fallen...and was fun to climb

our attempt at a "group" picture number one: fail. max took center stage.

attempt number 2: also fail. and worse. poor max looks like his head is being squeezed, including his eyes.

max just doesn't understand looking at the camera.

we saw these droppings on the road. i'm guessing bear or moose? not sure. anyone know?

i couldn't resist posting a picture of dinner after the last pic 🙂