some friends and i decided to try biking in a new place today – idaho! it’s nearby, so why not? we drove 2.5 hours each way to sandpoint, idaho – a quaint little town (with two starbucks!). it’s a beautiful drive. unfortunately it was rainy and cold in sandpoint, so we didn’t get to do any biking. so we ate, drank coffee, and shopped 🙂

max does really well in the car - he sleeps! since we didn't end up biking or hiking, max spent nearly 12 hours in the car today. and he basically slept the entire time.

i cannot take credit for the "Udaho" sign, but it was definitely picture worthy

we ate lunch at a cute bistro. i ordered pancakes and they were the thickest pancakes i have ever consumed

max got excited each time we returned to the car


haley and me taking a short stroll along a lake

back in montana...

i had a friends and family blues episode (aka: missing people) on the drive back, thus i plan to end this day by watching “swiss family robinson.” it’s one of my all time favorites.