flathead lake and a new running route

spent the afternoon in missoula yesterday and on the way back we stopped at flathead lake. the owners of the school purchased a small cabin on the lake so that the school could have lakefront access this summer. it’s beautiful. i can’t wait to go  boating and swimming!

the dock where we will keep the school's speed boat and sail boat. not too shabby of a view

the adorable 2 bedroom cabin; i could move in

then today i had to make a route for my long run. i decided to drive  toward lake kookanusa and run on a road that parallels the lake. about 8 miles into clocking the route i saw this sign:

so i called a co-worker, described where i was, and asked if it was wise for me to run alone. my co-worker said, “that road? there’s tons of wildlife there – bears, cougars. are you wearing bells? is max with you?” that would be a double no, so i chose a new route. i still ran along the lake, just on another road. i know that the likelihood of an animal attacking me is super slim, but i am afraid of encountering a bear alone (which i have done several times). i have purchased grizzly spray, per suggestion of several locals. but i didn’t have it with me.  to keep me from hallucinating and thinking that stumps were bears, i let myself listen to music while running for the second time in my life. bring it on, grizzlies!