went climbing this evening after work with some friends. some of the best climbing in the state is just 30 minutes from us – it’s a beautiful setting. i’ve only been climbing once before this; i could definitely use some practice, but it was fun!

i don't know that using the chalk actually helped, but it provided a brief break πŸ™‚

i did not make it to the very top. i couldn't manage to get over that last piece of rock. and i was tired. so i went down. next time...

this married couple live and work at the school; they are really fun people. and they let us use their gear!

i tied max to a tree because the climbs are right off a highway. he did really well watching everyone, but as soon as i was the one climbing he started whimpering. apparently he was concerned.

not a very good picture, but this is the road. you just pull over and climb! it's a beautiful drive that winds around a long, narrow lake (lake koocanus, the 90 mile one). i will definitely have to do some more exploring in this area.