green ball

about three weeks ago max ate an entire green ball. well at least i thought he ate it. i walked into the room (at work) and the toy was gone and it looked like he had just worked something down. i called the vet, he had to have x-rays (which didn’t really show much and weren’t cheap) and the vet said that if he stopped eating or pooping he might have to have surgery to get it out.

three weeks have passed, max has been fine, and we still hadn’t found the green ball at work. this morning at about 6:30 am i woke up to the sound of max throwing up and guess what?! he threw up the entire green ball! it had been sitting in his stomach for three weeks. sheesh. i can’t believe that it was in him for three weeks and he just kept doing his thing. surely he has to feel a bit better now that a large green ball is no longer residing in his stomach!

mmmm. a green ball covered in stomach acid.

"i dunno why i ate it. i'm glad that it's out of me now"