new lake, new clothes, new music

today max and i ventured to a different lake for our friday afternoon date. i was headed to the booming metropolis of whitefish/kalispell, so we stopped at one of the lakes on the way. beautiful weather – reached 70 today! of course mid- hike i decided to embrace my obsession with the self timer (who else was gonna take the picture if i was to be in it?!). below is evidence of what took place:

max ventured out onto this log, so i thought i would try it too...

i should have taken note that max was struggling b/c the log was super slippery and i totally fell into the water. i got wet up to my waist and above. it may look like i chose to sit on the log, but really i fell.

attempting to get up...

and on my feet again (but still in the water)

unfortunately i was not wearing quick dry pants and i had an hour drive to the city. so, i let my pants hang out the window and air dry 🙂 (yes, i was driving w/ no pants on). it mostly worked! they were still damp in some parts for some of the afternoon, but having been completely soaked i'd say it worked out quite well!

as we were nearing the end of the trail, max saw an older man, ran up to him and started barking. the old man yelled at me: “if he bites me i’m gonna shoot him!” that’s montana for ya.

once i was in the flathead valley (the whitefish/kalispell area), i ran some errands. to my delight the thrift store was having a special sale today: half off everything in the entire store! i scored and bought quite a few clothes. and then i met some friends for dinner followed by live music. was a fun day. i hope the weather forecast is right for this weekend – 70’s!