reading habits

i have a bad reading habit: i start books and i don’t finish them. i am currently in the middle of 5 books and i have not finished a book since i moved to montana. oops. not a good habit, i don’t know exactly why i do it. i read good books (not that i’m biased, but people recommend them, too), but then i lose interest or am intrigued by another book and i switch to that. the two books that i most regularly read as of late are “born to run” (a book about running ultra-marathons, specifically an ancient tribe in mexico that has a stellar running history) and “the female brain” (a book about, well, the female brain…and all that that entails 🙂 ). we’ll see if i actually finish either of them…

reading "the female brain" w/ max. an interesting read, especially working with 35+ female adolescents every day.