full saturday

yesterday was a rather full day and lots of fun things with people from work happened. flew to boulder, MT with the directors of the school and another person to go to some hot springs. it was a beautiful flight (about 1.5 hour flight, 5.5 hours if you were driving). we flew over the bob marshall wilderness area and multiple mountain rangers. so pretty. then some friends made a bonfire at lake koocanusa; such a beautiful setting for a bonfire. let’s just say that i was ready for bed last night. a few pics from the day…

the grass landing strip in boulder, MT

basically i saw views like this the entire flight.

my head hurt after wearing the headset for so long

this picture is of the south part of town. my apartment is off the main road in the middle part of the picture.

aerial view of eureka

say what?

bonfire at lake koocanusa w/ friends