coffee grinder turned food processor

a friend gave me a blueberry flax muffin recipe that i have been wanting try, i just hadn’t bought the ingredients yet. i finally ventured into the natural foods store today to buy flaxseed flour. ouch – that stuff is expensive! $5.89/lb. plus blueberries, etc…they were looking to be some pricey muffins. so i decided to buy actual flaxseeds for $1.99/lb and somehow turn them into flour. note to self: grinding flaxseeds w/ a spoon does not work; but using a coffee grinder does! i didn’t realize that i owned a mini food processor.

sigh. the simple pleasures in life. or perhaps living in a small town is teaching me to enjoy the simple things – like turning flaxseeds into flaxseed flour.

my "food processor." thanks, tara! i bet you didn't realize you were giving me such a useful gift 🙂 then again, it grinds coffee beans; what could be better?!

and we have flaxseed flour!

thanks for being versatile, mr. coffee