i’ve said for a while now that i want a big dog and moving to montana has reinforced that desire (don’t worry jack, i will always love you). i’ve been looking online at various montana humane society websites but wednesday is when i fell hard: i actually went to the local humane society. it was kind of a sad place! i felt bad for all the dogs. max stuck out to me because he wasn’t barking or trying to attack me through the cage like many of the other dogs. if  i get a dog it needs to be fairly quiet as to not bother my neighbors and the office below me. so, i took max (a boxer) on a walk on wednsday. i went back to visit him today, but this time we went on a  walk, a short run, a car ride around town, and we stopped by the local coffee shack (crucial stop). for some reason max got really excited at the drive through coffee shack, otherwise he is a super chill dog. he’s 5 years old and was an owner turn in (his owner is older and could no longer walk him). the deal claimer? waiting to hear back from the landlord if i can actually have a dog! we’ll see. i’m not in a rush, but i do like max 🙂

i don't think max is used to having his picture taken

i think max officially qualifies as a big dog

max sitting in the front seat of baxter