friday afternoons

i think that i am going to enjoy friday afternoons here in montana. i’m typically off work by noon on fridays, so i get an early start to the weekend. this afternoon i did a bit more exploring along the river that runs behind my apartment – it’s beautiful. i also made a batch of whole wheat cinnamon rolls; it’s a recipe in one of my cookbooks that i’ve been wanting to try for a while and i felt like baking, so cinnamon rolls it was. i took some over to my neighbors afterwards and we ended up chatting for a while. they are a nice couple. i hope to go snowshoeing this weekend…we’ll see.

this abandoned shed thing is near where i work. it intrigues me.

the tobacco river...runs through the edge of town and there is a nice trail that i can access from behind my apartment (though it involves crossing the river. in other words, i walked on water! where it was frozen, that is)

infamous self-portrait to prove i was there

who says cinnamon rolls are only a breakfast food? was a nice afternoon snack for me, especially w/ the cold weather.