i know i’m in small town montana when…

  • the discussions at the staff christmas party were about hunting and fishing (“how many deer tags did you get this year?” “did you get a doe or a buck?” “i was hoping for an elk” “i’m turning mine into jerky”)
  • my co-worker asks me if i want to put in an order for jerky
  • my company buys their beef via an entire cow from a local rancher
  • the car mechanic asks me: “how long have you had this car in montana? i noticed your anti-freeze is the kind that only goes to negative ten degrees; we typically use one that goes to negative forty here in montana.”
  • someone gives me directions to a store and starts out by saying: “do you know where the town pump is?”
  • ladies wear cowgirl (or rancher?) hats to the staff christmas party
  • flannel is the new silk or cashmere
  • it takes over an hour to get to the closest walmart, target, and starbucks
  • my mattress won’t arrive until 5+ weeks after i ordered it
  • i am one of many to have my big winter sorel boots on in the store, at work, etc.

these are just a few of the things in the past two weeks that have made me chuckle. montana seems like a great place.