air and perhaps an alternator too, please

where to start: has been a full week and it’s not ever yet. work got busier this week and i am learning a lot. it has been neat to get to know the girls more and i am excited to be a small part of the clinical side of things. i had my first over-night on campus thursday. i enjoy running two mornings a week with the girls as well as simply chatting with them. the week started out freezing. colder than freezing, really. it was negative sixteen one day (let me repeat: it was sixteen below zero). brrr. all of my shampoo, lotion, etc. that were in my car pre-moving into my apartment froze. about that:

i moved into my apartment tuesday night! after many trips back and forth from my car to the apartment, frozen fingers due to the negative degrees, and a double shot latte, my car was unloaded. i look forward to making this place my home for however long i am here. i blew up my air mattress (not by hand, of course) and settled down for a night of sleep. or so i thought. apparently my air mattress got a hole during the move because it slowly deflated twice during the night. awesome. i called the furniture company to verify when my real mattresses arrive and they are estimating december 29th! sheesh. i really must have moved to the middle of nowhere. so, i put my camping sleeping pad under my air mattress so that i would have a soft landing when it deflates 🙂

then my car got a flat tire on wednesday. it was fixable, yet it was another crucial thing that was leaking air. and my computer cord broke due to a combination of winding it too much and the cold, so i was without my computer, and thus internet, for most of the week.

which brings me to today. one exciting thing about my work schedule is that i will typically be done by noon(ish) on fridays. yay for an early start to the weekend! after getting off work today i decided to drive to kalispell where the closest walmart is (and i stopped at starbucks. lekker). i was wanting to buy a bunch of stuff for my apartment as well as run some other errands in the city. kalispell is about an hour and fifteen minute drive from eureka. i headed back this way around 6pm. around 6:30 is probably when baxter started acting weird. it seemed as though my lights were not very bright. then within five minutes my speedometer and odometer went blank, my cd player stopped, all sorts of lights came on, and just as i pulled off the road baxter died. i couldn’t get him to start again. i put my hazard lights on as i was on the edge of a 2 lane highway – in the dark, in the snow, and surrounded by nothing but trees. realizing what had just happened i pulled out my cell phone and road side service phone number. i  initially had no cell reception which momentarily freaked me out. it is basically a miracle that i briefly got reception and was able to make the call and a tow truck was sent my way. to shorten the rest of the story, a guy stopped and helped me and let me sit in his warm truck until the tow truck came. the guy who stopped happened to be a car mechanic and he thinks my alternator went out. i got dropped off at my apartment, unloaded all the things from baxter and then sent him to the car place. so for now i am without a car. shouldn’t be difficult to fix the alternator if that is indeed what went wrong, but unfortunately the car place is not open on saturdays (gotta love small towns). all is well. it will work out. makes for a funny first week in montana!

and that’s all for now. now that i am home bound this weekend i have no excuses as to why i am not completely unpacked. i’m getting there…

thefamily room/eating area in my apartment. my couch supposedly arrives tuesday!

maybe i should have gotten a 3 shot latte...