exploring town

spent the afternoon exploring eureka, which let me assure you does not take long! that said, it was fun to walk along the street (yes, the one and only street) and go into shops. there are some quaint stores with cool things. i like the rustic decorating style of montana. it is definitely a different (life)style here, similar to utah but perhaps an even slower pace. i’ve seen a lot of flannel shirts and carhartts! people have been friendly and if they find out i am new in town they immediately ask, “why did you move here?!” i don’t think they mean it in a bad way, rather are simply curious why someone would move to such a remote and small place. anyway…here i am. below are a few pics from my afternoon exploration:

this is eureka. not quite the entire town - probably about half of it made it in this one picture 🙂

this is montana's version of a coffee shop. they are all over montana: drive through coffee. there is no coffee only cafe in eureka, but of course there are restaurants that serve coffee as well as two "drive through espresso"s!

enough said.