scatter brained

ever since i took the job in montana and have therefore had to dive into all the logistics that go into moving across the country, i have been totally scatter brained. more than ever before i believe. below are a few “moments” where i briefly stopped to realize that what i did or said was absolute nonsense.

  • pouring myself some post-dinner coffee and confused as to why it was getting all over the floor only to then notice that i was holding the mug upside down
  • going to work an hour early because i read the schedule wrong
  • thinking i got off work at 3 instead of 11 today because i read the schedule wrong
  • putting sensors in the hanger box instead of the sensor box
  • asking a customer for her gift receipt when i meant zip code
  • telling customers the total of their purchase backwards (signs of dyslexia perhaps?!)
  • falling up the stairs
  • and this evening was “the last straw:” i was getting dressed to go somewhere after taking a shower and realized that i put my shoes on before my pants. thankfully i didn’t make it out of the closet

hopefully nothing too crazy happens during these days of being scatter brained.