diversity at GAP

i just got home from another day of working at GAP kids & baby. i am often pleasantly surprised by the diversity of shoppers at the aurora outlet mall. working the register tonight i met people from germany, ireland, brazil, argentina, kuwait, and south africa (!). it is usually people visiting family or friends or business men who are in the chicago area for a conference. i think that diversity is a beautiful thing and it’s nice to meet people from around the world in between folding onesies. it is moments such as these that i am reminded of how much life happens in the mundane, and how i can choose to find joy in the mundane if i allow myself. i may work at a mall, but i am not a “mall person” (whatever that means). but, it can be fun to people watch. i like to wonder what a person’s story may be. why is he buying baby clothes? is she drinking starbucks coffee for pleasure or because she’s had a long day and needs a pick me up? is that a mother and daughter shopping together? call me crazy but my mind can take me a lot of places. at least it helps pass the time.