land of lekker

another beautiful day here in st. lucia. had a nice sundowner followed by a night drive yesterday evening. didn’t see much on the night drive but it was still enjoyable. we were in the field yesterday afternoon – we caught a croc and had to collect bones from a dead one we found. (can’t say i did much for the dissecting/cutting up part). should be a calm weekend. we’re going to watch rugby this afternoon (on TV), perhaps walk the beach, and then have dinner w/ some ofย  jon’s friends.

a few random things that are normal here in south africa:

-making sure doors and windows are closed to keep monkeys out

-looking both ways for hippos when crossing the street at night

-saying you’ll meet someone “just now” could mean 15 minutes

apparently that’s all i can think of for now. time to go cheer on south africa in the rugby match!