a step closer, then a step away

my family and many of my friends know that i have a life dream to some day work in a cafe. even if it is only for a couple of months, i want to give it a try. maybe i would hate it. maybe i would love it. maybe i would have mixed feelings about it. i won’t know until i try. i like the idea of serving people coffee, learning what drinks the “regulars” order, and working in the cafe atmosphere. when i first moved to aurora and was looking for a job, i walked into every cafe i passed to see if they were hiring. i ended up applying at caribou coffee and they called me for an interview this week! it was scheduled for 5:00 pm yesterday. so, i went to the caribou at which i had applied, completely forgetting that the application had asked if you were willing to work at other caribou locations. the short version of the story is that i went to the wrong coffee shop location for my interview, i called the manager and they will be interviewing other people. blasts. it probably would have been crazy to add a third part-time job to my schedule, but i could have used the extra hours. someday – hopefully – i will work in a coffee shop.