six months

that’s right – this past shift marked my six month commitment to my job. craziness. wasn’t sure if i would see the day (based on both my own choices as well as things outside of my control). nothing out of the ordinary happened this shift, although winter decided to pay a visit. we had a mini blizzard one night where i barely slept due to the wind that broke 2 of the tarp gromets, resulting in staff shelter flapping around in the wind all night. then i woke up with snow both in and on my sleeping bag. definitely wish i could have slept in a legit tent on such a night.

as for what’s next…i’m not sure! i’ll continue working here in utah until i find another job. i’m currently looking for jobs in the chicago area for the summer, but we’ll see what works out. until then, i am going to enjoy the beautiful state of utah. i hope to do some exploring in my final weeks/months here.