i miss blogging.

It’s true. I miss blogging. And then I find myself asking: why did I blog anyway? I miss looking back on things we did, and communicating with other people via the blogosphere. Instagram… Continue reading

a break from blogging

i really like to blog. call me a nerd, but i like to read blogs and i enjoy writing a blog. but this blog won’t allow me to upload more pictures unless a)… Continue reading

Christmas in Illinois

we were able to spend christmas in illinois with my side of the ¬†family. it was a week full of family and good eats. vacation always go too fast. some pics from our… Continue reading

the numbers are in!

the year is rapidly coming to an end and the numbers are in! what numbers, you ask. the numbers of meat packages in our freezer, of course. we are feeling especially blessed after… Continue reading

good eats

with winter quickly approaching we have already begun to cook more. looking forward to now weekend plans and enjoying a long, slow day together in the kitchen. a few food pictures from the… Continue reading

new house!

the blog has been on hiatus for over a month now, and we’ve had good reason: we were closing on a house! we are officially home owners and we’re loving it (nothing major… Continue reading

phone dump

no internet really hinders blog posts. and a phone with a camera seems to hinder taking actual pictures. so here are some pictures from july until now! randy and baby elyse on family… Continue reading

fall is in the air

it is officially fall! it’s a toss up whether i like summer or fall better in montana. i like september best, which is a little of summer and a little of fall. it’s… Continue reading

hunting (patience) season is here

in the past 12 months i’ve already forgotten how much patience hunting requires. today was opening day for bow season. i don’t bow hunt because i haven’t taken bow hunter safety and i… Continue reading

i love camping with my husband

boring title, i know. but it’s the truth. this weekend randy and i went backpacking just us ,for the first time. it was wonderful and relaxing. in fact, we had the entire alpine… Continue reading